Singer Chitra Raise funds for the Welfare of Girls

16 Mar,2019

Leading singer Chitra is going to sing a musical set up to raise funds for the welfare of girls. The program will be held in Hyderabad on March 17th. The singers are also singing Srikrishna, Srinidhi, Saket and Soni. The Wicker company is organizing this event, which operates the Eleven Point to company.

Speaking about the concert performance of the Padma Shree awardee keescitra keescitra Singer said, "We already have some songs for voice care under the program, which takes place on Sunday, we had to practice. Some of Srikrishna, Srinidhi sings some. Saket and Soni also sing some songs. Museums who are well known to you are participating in this program. These are all Telugu songs. This is a program for a good cause. So everybody wants to do it. It will last for three hours. I hope this program will be successful, "he said.

Srikrishna said, "The greatness of Indian languages. Our filmmaker is going to do a good show. We're doing this for a good Cause. We are doing this program to provide Shelter to Girl Child. "

Srinidhi said, "I feel very lucky to be associate with this concert. I want to get this program for Girl Child Support. Those who want to listen to the songs of the film must come tomorrow, "he said.

Saekat said, "The dream of singing with a film is from my childhood. My dream is fulfilled by tomorrow's concert for a good cause. "

Soni said, "I'm very happy to be part of this concert. I hope to help you get it all by this program for Girl Child. "

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