up to 31 and my name is not until then

16 Mar,2019

The Movie Artist Association (MAA) polls were very well-known. Naresh Shivaji Raja won the highest number of votes in the tournament. The new executive will take a swearing in on 22nd of this month. But Shivaji Raja's tenure is up to 31 this month and Naresh has expressed his disappointment that Shivaji Raja is threatening to go to the court unless the new body has ever been in our chair. At a meeting chaired by Election Returning Officer Krishnamohan, he revealed several issues.

Our new President Naresh said ... the fact that some of our misdeeds happened. All of them have forgotten that we do not get out of here. Yet we are pulling back without work. Industry has decided to take a swearing in the presence of the elders on their behalf with the consent of the elders. Shivaji Raja is up to 31 and my name is not until then. This is not correct ... we have a lot of things to do. The elders tell us how we are ready to do so. The event was attended by Vice President Rajasekhar, General Secretary, Rajashekhar and Easy Members.

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