Nene Raju Nene Mantri Movie Review

17 Aug,2017

A full length political film in Telugu has come too late. The director was not interested in making the film in the context of contemporary politics. There is no patience to see .. That's why now the political films are outdated. The role of a politician in some action film is to use the main Win as a benchmark, except that it is almost nothing to project the hero as a fulltime politician. After a 'Leader', 'I am the King I am' in the Simmer Character Repeat Rena. But it's class .. it's mass.
Also, selecting a political junior for the Teja for a Change, a plot of interest in the plot and the Plop on Plop. After the 'Bahubali' series, Rana has come up with a huge popularity across the country and has grown huge expositions over the 'I am king I minister'. Even the top producer D Suresh Babu, who is far from producing production, also came up with this estimate. Let's see how 'I am the king of mine' released on August 11th in the aftermath of this prediction.
The hero Jogendra (Rana) earns the money for a lower interest, while doing small pesticides business, kissing his wife Radha (Kajal) and enjoying life. The pregnant woman was pregnant with the anger of the Kartika lamp earlier that she was pregnant with the sarpach's wife disgusting her. Doctors say that she had no birth. Kave Sarpanch's wife did so. I am a sarpanch and my wife is also respected. Jogendra, who has seen the tastes of power for the first time, kills the former sarpanch. He will kill the MLA who threatens the case. That MLA Competition with death comes from the MLA. After that, he becomes minister with some dramatic evolution.
The Chief Minister (Tanikella Bharani) came to the Home Minister to jeopardize the crime, saying that if an unemployed come and bring lemon juice to lift the hunger strike for a government job. Jogendra was saved from killing a boy from his death. He gives him the information and the cultural minister. Jogendra, who is now joking, is angry with Jogendra. The Home Minister will then go to the Chief Minister's post with the conspiracy of former Home Minister to prevent Jogendra's efforts.
In the second half enters with a large-blinded Investigative journalist Come Focus Channel's Role of the Queen (Catherine) Jogendra gets the queen to announce that she will cast her Akrama and murder Channel. With that Jogendra did not leave him alone, but he was arrested by CM. Do not sleep until you sit in a chair. The widow Radha finds that the experience of Jogendra Rani, This political drama will be accompanied by Triangle v Angal. The story that goes on will add to the dramatic evolution, the twilight climax.
No matter what the climax scandal says. Even if Bhagat Singh is hanging on that day, the Indian Pujas will not be too cold. But if Jogendra is hanging here in the half an hour before the jail, Pogai sends millions to the President of India and postponed the hanging. Will Jogendra be hanging over? Or ..? Let's leave some kind of suspense to the audience.
All this is the story of 'I am the King of the King'. In fact, to live as a person in society, to live as a force in politics, the life cycle. It is unrealistic that the political heirs of the Mahamsha political families are going to have to go to the level of the Chief Minister of Jogendra Reel, who sells the pesticide to pumpetur in some way.
The film is very good in the rest of the film, except to avoid the realism that you are going to have on the Contemporary Politics. Until political backdrop, it is unlikely that the film will touch the mind of the husband and wife in the film. In fact the women do not have a political confrontation but Jogendra's' Every lady's "Mogudu is the best of the wife" so the feeling of feeling that the scene.
In terms of making the story, not only the story but the need to spend more than necessary in the making of the stamina of the producer Durga Sasi, Kiran Reddy, Bharat Choudhary.
If Rana Performance comes in, the Panchay Kattu Bhalladeva is the same. The rhythm, smoke, love, goodness, and stupidity of the title has made all the shades look great. Kajal is also in the role of the embodied femininity and goodness. Everything else is good, well done.
Black Buster Hitsh Chopel, who has seen his career in his career, has become a good powerpiece for the 'Teja' to become the carp of the plate. Originally completed in politics

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